The Wagging Tails Membership

For dogs attending 1 day per week. If your dog likes to socialise and play, our memberships are for them! Scroll down to learn more..

What benefits will you receive?

Expert dog care
Mobile app
Dog Enrichment and Development
Daily Photos
Flexibility to swap your day*
Exclusive group for behind the scenes action
Free quarterly social events

*subject to availability, within 2 months

Daycare can be used for care whilst you’re at work, or have other commitments, for building your dog’s confidence, ensuring they live their life to the fullest and most importantly gain essential socialisation in an appropriate environment.

Memberships are payable in advance and fees are are calculated based on the 51 weeks a year (one week off for everyone at Christmas) split into 12 even monthly payments. All dogs must join a weekly membership. Tom and Toto do not accept adhoc dogs for the safety and consistency of the group. Second dogs from the same household receive a 15% discount.

Routine, consistency and stability in your dog’s life, allow them to build confidence in their own time, in a safe, completely secure environment. Your dog will build bonds and relationships with us and other dogs. Providing them enrichment activities, exercise and both physical and mental stimulation we help reduce separation anxiety, general anxiety, unwanted behaviours, while encouraging and calm settled behaviour. 


Will my dog be supervised at all times?

Yes. We adhere to a strict dog to staff ratio and they are under supervision. Even at nap time the team are with the dogs keeping them safe.

Does my dog need to be vaccinated?

Yes, dogs must be fully vaccinated (including kennel cough for which a withdrawal period from daycare may be required) or titre tested.

Does my dog need to be neutered?

All male dogs must be either neutered or chemically castrated from a year old. Please speak to the daycare manager for advice

What age can my dog start daycare from?

Puppies can start daycare from 8 months old. Before this time we recommend you bring them to our social club. This is a gentle introduction to socialisation and gets them used to the daycare environment. Once they turn 8 months old, social club dogs receive priority booking for daycare spaces and these dogs sail through their settle in session, loving daycare life from day one!

How are membership prices calculated?

The membership provides you with the 5 star daycare services for 51 weeks of the year (with one week off for everyone at Christmas). The membership spreads the annual cost evenly across the year in 12 equal monthly payments. E.g for one day per week your monthly payment is calculated as follows: £45 x 51 / 12 months= £191.25

Can my dog switch days?

We like all dogs to attend their regular days each week as they really thrive in the routine and you will get the most out of your membership. After your dog’s settle in session, please allow them a two week period on their regular days. After this time, you are welcome to book additional adhoc days or swap a day to suit your needs (subject to availability and within a 2 month period).

Is daycare the right environment for my dog?

We pride ourselves on providing a doggy day care environment where dogs can get the best experience, building friendships, enjoying enrichment activities, learning and growing in confidence.

That is what the settle in session is for-  we will introduce them slowly to the group and ease them into the daycare routine. If we think that daycare may not be suitable for your dog, we will have an honest discussion, and see what the options are. It is important that all dogs at Tom and Toto are suited to our daycare so that they, and their friends, can enjoy the best day care experience. Daycare unfortunately doesn’t suit all dogs, some breeds and some individual dogs can find the day care environment over stimulating and that’s ok. 

If you have any questions, please get in touch with our daycare manager, she will be more than happy to chat about our enrolment process and daycare environment, offering advice as to whether it may be suitable for you dog.

Do i need to bring anything with them?

Maybe a coat if it’s rainy, if they have lunch, then please bring it with them, and we will give it to them during the day. 

What about if my dog is sick or I am unable to bring them to daycare?

Membership fees are payable in full each month to retain your dog’s space. If you are unable to make a session please speak to the office team about rescheduling the day to another (subject to availability and within a 2 month period).

Are you licensed?

Yes! We have been inspecrted by Broadland Council and have the highest 5 star rating for daycare.

Are you insured?

Yes. Tom and Toto is insured to operate as a commerical doggy daycare, with specific cover for public and employers liability, dog grooming and care of your dog.

Can I meet the team and see the facilities before sending my dog?

Yes, please do! Book a daycare tour with our daycare manager at 6pm on any week day or attend one of our monthly open evenings so we can show you around the facility and get to know you and your dog. We can advise if daycare is suited to your dog and how they will benefit.

What happens when it rains or is too cold for my dog to be outside?

We have a mixture of indoor and outdoor play, we leave the doors open so your dog is able to choose! If it is really awful then we all go inside for a towel down, some snacks and some chill out time. There is space for all the dogs to fit comfortably indoors.