Back To ‘School’ Tips For Your Dog

September isn’t too far away which isn’t just back to school time for children and teachers, its time to set up your pup for their Term Time routine.

Create a routine early to give your dog time to adjust

During the summer holidays your routine may have relaxed a little as of course you want to make the most of your time with your family and dog. Maybe their mealtimes vary depending on your plans, bedtimes tend to be later and so do mornings. What does that mean for your dog’s routine? Well if your routine has changed over the holidays so has your dog’s routine. Some dogs aren’t too phased by a change in routine whereas others really thrive and are best behaved when they know whats what. We recommend starting to settle them back into their routine of morning walks, feeding, toilet, walk times, play times, dinner times, settle times (this is a great one when you are busy helping out the kids with their homework or bathtime!) and bedtime routines before you start the term so they know what to expect and so you can also have an easier transition with work/home life.

Make sure your dog is ready for no one being at home in the day

After a very busy summer, the hustle and bustle of a busy household and lots of doggy adventures, it can be a big shock for your dog to be left on their own on the first day of term! Make sure you start transitioning your dog ready for the quieter days by having some ‘settle’ time with some calm activities like sitting with their favourite treat Kong or try leaving them home for gradual short bursts.

Toys, activities and more

Time alone can be fun too. A new activity like a puzzle feeder with a new type of food to try each day can get them use to keeping themselves entertained in those quite times between seeing people. By keeping their brain busy (which can tire them out for longer periods), they will forget you are away.

Dog friends

Don’t forget to start planning ahead if they need that break in the day for walks, playtime and adventures so have their needs covered in the daytime while you are at work and the children are at school. Don’t leave it to the last minute to make sure suitable arrangements can be made like settling in walks before joining some dog friends.

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