Rest Days For Dogs

Dog’s lives can be just as busy as ours. An active social life and daily work on their physical wellbeing are important but what about their emotional wellbeing?

What are rest days for dogs?

A rest day for a dog as it is for a human and means minimal interaction with the outside world, people, other dogs and high energy situations. It is a day to take things easy- a dog needs chill out time too! The aim of a rest day is to lower the production of Cortisol (the body’s stress hormone) in the body to allow your dog to relax and switch off for a while. They can still have calm activities at home for the day but nothing that strenuous or high energy.

What does that mean for my dog?

A rest day doesn’t mean you should leave your dog to be bored and get up to mischief, this means it’s time to turn things down a notch, have some one on one time and build the bond between you and your dog, try some calm training activities or help them learn a new skill. You could introduce:

  • Calm play time with toys while revisiting existing commands like leave, fetch, drop, ect (not constant ball throwing)
  • Learn a new command or trick
  • Increase mental stimulation (See our blog on boredom busters and brain games for our favourites)
  • Set up a scent work course in the garden
  • Play hide and seek either yourself or by hiding their toys and asking them to ‘Find It’
  • Some ‘settle’ time by having a antler, chew or a Kong
  • And do not forget SLEEP! Sleep is the most important part of rest days as most dogs do not get enough in their daily lives

Dogs need time to recharge their minds and bodies to set them up for a successful week ahead.

What do you think about rest days and do you actively ensure your dog has a rest day?