Want To Make Your Dog’s Meal Last Longer?

Does your dog gobble their food at lightning speed? Do you find your dog is bored with eating out of the same old bowl? Feeding time can be turned into a enrichment activity that is mentally rewarding and turns a 1 minute feeding frenzy to a 5-10 minute activity. It can even help with behaviour problems such as fear, anxiety and boredom if used in the correct way.

What is a slow feeding bowl?
There are lots of different shapes, sizes, and depth of bowl available to look for the right design for your’s size. Choosing the wrong one can turn an exciting enrichment activity to a frustrating one. for example, a flat nosed breed or a puppy will need a very shallow slow feeder in order to reach the food. A larger dog on wet food or raw will need a durable one that is also washable. Being specific to your dogs needs is important to finding the perfect maze bowl for your dog.

What are the benefits of a slow feeding bowl?
If your dog is the type to guzzle their food, a slow feeder can:

  • Decrease the risk of chocking
  • Decrease the risk of vomiting after eating
  • Decrease gastrointestinal discomfort
  • Decrease the chances of your dog getting bloat a.k.a. Twisted Gut (a life threatening condition when they glup air when eating and/or drinking)
  • Turn a basic need into an enrichment activity
  • Slows down the eating process
  • Can be used for all type of feed including Dry, Kibble, Wet and Raw


Does your dog use a Maze bowl?