How We Keep Your Dog Safe In The Heat

When it comes to dog welfare we always consider weather conditions and the coming days are due to be some of the hottest this year with highs of 31*.

What does this mean for Dog walks and Day care?
Groups will be kept small to minimise travel time in the vehicle.
Walks and doggy daycare will be in shady areas that have rivers/ponds for dogs to swim in and cool down.
No excessive running or ball play in the heat.
Chilled out walks for your dogs with rest spots for those that feel the need.
Walks and day care may be made slightly shorter if we think the temperature is too much for the dogs.
We will let you know if this happens on your feedback report and add the extra time next suitable time we see your dog.
A total ban on curb walks to prevent paw burn.
The team have lots of water on hand and carry it with them while walking your dog.
If your dog has a cool coat or collar, please leave it out for us.
We will keep your dogs as cool in the vehicles by using damp towels for the dogs to lay on.

With these steps in place your dog will be safe and enjoy their time with their friends