What Are Dog Zoomies?!


Have you heard the term zoomies? Have you seen your pup suddenly start running around at full speed, spin like a spinning top, go all wide eyed, then suddenly stop, lay down panting fully exhausted… well you have experienced a Zoomie.

What are Zoomies?

The technical term for Zoomies is Frantic Random Activity Periods or FRAP’s for short. This phenomenon is totally natural and can be experienced by dog of any age and any breed and stems from a feeling of wellbeing or happiness. This burst of energy usually lasts a few minutes, but can happen at any time. Animal experts are not sure why dogs get the zoomies, and it is a surge of built up energy.

What do Zoomies look like?

Every dog displays varying types of zoomies which can include one or a combination of:

  • Wide and excited eyes
  • A squatted run which often displayed as the dog’s tail or bottom tucked underneath them while running (this is the most common type of zoomie)
  • Suddenly running at full speed from standing still
  • Engaging in tight turns and/or spinning to run in another direction
  • Sudden stops, heavy panting and re-engaging their chosen zoomie

Is it ok my dog does zoomies?

Yes, it is totally natural for a dog to do zoomies now and then. If they do it frequently, it could mean a lack of mental and physical stimulation and the need to have that energy outlet. If they do it above a frequent level, could mean they are in a state of distress or anxiety and a possible behaviourist may need to be involved to see the root of the behaviour.

My Lola Pug normally has her Zoomies when I come home from a week of overnight house sitting and I have not seen her in a while, we head straight into the garden to play and she runs around at full speed (well full speed for a pug!) with her bottom tucked under and stops in front of me asking to continue the chase and play.

Does your dog do Zoomies? We would love to find out more about what happens in your environment for your dog to start a zoomie and what do they do? Spin? Run?