What is the purpose of your dog walk?

There are many reasons why you take your dog on their walks each day, but what is the purpose of your dog walk?



Dog walks are a great time to work on basic and advanced training skills. Using the time you have your dog to work on skills such as focus, lead work and recall. You can also step it up by taking what you do indoors to the next level by practicing them outdoors.



Lots of dog walks include exercise as a main focus and get your dog out and burning off that built up energy for a more calmer relaxed dog at home. Things like Ball play, swimming and retrieving, and even going out running with your dog are all forms of exercise. Ofcourse this dependant on your dogs age and breed to how much exercise is dafe for them.



Getting outdoors meeting dogs and people can be a great way to mentally and physically help your dog enjoy walks. Socially, helping for a balanced well rounded dog to experience dogs and humans of all kinds. Social aspect can be difficult if you have a rescue with an unknown past history so make sure you do what is comfortable for the dog and do not force them into a social situation if they find this activity anxious to them.



A decompression walk is great for you and your dog. Sometimes its not all about go go go, but just taking it easy and enjoying each others company. Decompression walks are used as stress relief and just taking in your surroundings. Sometimes a slow walk and letting the dog sniff is an important function for dogs leaving them with the ‘feel good’ factor. (Read more about the Why you should let your dog sniff on walks in our blog Making Sense of scents! )


One or a combination of these can factor into your daily walks.


What are the reasons for your dog walks?